Granite Transformations Derby – providers of affordable kitchen and bathroom makeovers

Granite Transformations are experts when it comes to giving old kitchens and bathrooms a new lease of life with our vast range of quality and easy to install products, including our revolutionary ‘top that fits on top’, replacement doors and glass mosaic tiles. Unlike most other makeover specialists, we don’t start from scratch. We don’t need to as we utilise your existing units and reface them to give them a fresh contemporary look that will bring your kitchen and/or bathroom back in vogue. This also makes us far more affordable than our rivals and means that we can be in and out of your home in no time at all. Once we’re finished, you will have a kitchen and/or bathroom that you’ll once again be proud to call your own, all thanks to the wizardry of Granite Transformations Derby.

The top that fits on top

Mention the words ‘Granite Transformations’ to anyone involved in home makeovers and our ground-breaking ‘top that fits on top’ will be their immediate thought. It has gained widespread notoriety because of its remarkable slenderness, measuring just a quarter of an inch thick (6.7mm), and weighs a fraction of what you’d expect. It can be applied to existing worktops effortlessly and doesn’t require any additional underpinnings. Expect to be mesmerised by the difference it makes to any kitchen or bathroom setting.

Maintenance of our stunning worktops is minimal as they each boast a diamond-polished surface that can stand up to spillages and general wear and tear. Whenever any liquids come into contact with the surface they can easily be wiped away in a matter of seconds. They’re so durable that they can even withstand any knocks, cuts, abrasions and burns without any slight on their overall performance. 

Every GT worktop is rigorously tested to ensure that it exceeds the expectations of customers, as more than a million customers worldwide will testify. Such is the confidence we have in our spectacular worktops that we supply them with a lifetime warranty which covers you should anything go wrong in the future. It’s therefore no surprise that our customer base continues to escalate from year to year.